How I'm keeping up to date with the Joneses


These newsletters cover a wider range of subjects and are tailored for people who want to expand their engineering knowledge.

​Status Code​

In its own words: Software development, ops, platforms and tooling. I like this one as it covers things I might have missed on Hacker News or Reddit.


Linux, open source and web development curated by Mattias Geniar.

​Hacker Newsletter​

The best bits of Hacker News selected and sent on a weekly basis. Good for people who are short of time.


​DB Weekly​

A weekly round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.
I don't read this as much as the others, but it's good to collect it into the inbox and see if the headlines pique my interest.


​The Go Gazette​

Weekly resources for Golang pros. Carefully curated by Maarten from Jexia.
Covers a lot of subjects, similar in style to PHP Annotated Weekly. Fundamentals, tutorials, real-world reports, tools, perspectives, academic articles and presentations are all included.


​Frontend Focus​

A once–weekly roundup of the best front-end news, articles and tutorials. HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more.
No longer doing front-end development, but good to keep up to date with what I should be paying attention to if I ever want to take it up again. Like seeing the developments in code and tools.


Even though I no longer write PHP day to day, I still enjoy keeping up to date with the language. Here's a few newsletters I find useful for doing just that.
JetBrains put out a monthly newsletter which is a good read; Covers a lot of subject areas such as the PHP internals, Symfony and Laravel updates, tooling and articles.

​PHP Weekly​

Tailored towards a more junior to mid-level audience, it covers topics such as installing and maintaining PHP software, the latest framework updates, interesting Composer packages and interesting blogs and podcasts to light.


Good for branching out of PHP. Covers AWS, Javascript / Node and other generalist subjects. I like this because it shows you things you wouldn't otherwise see, especially from the other PHP newsletters.